51 Concrete, LLC is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the West Tennessee area with concrete products in the residential and commercial markets since 1974. Originally the company started as Lauderdale Redi Mix located in Ripley, Tennessee, owned by James Diggs. In 1988 James added two extra locations in Covington and Atoka.

Barry Diggs and Jim Scott opened D&S Contracting in 1990, which was the start of their dump truck operations. In 1993 Barry and Jim joined James (Barry’s Dad) and purchased a concrete plant in Millington and formed D & S Redi Mix. Barry and Jim added yet another location in 1999 in Gallaway and purchased the Millington location from James and established 51 Concrete, LLC.  In 2003 Barry and Jim purchased the Covington and Atoka locations from Barry’s Dad, and the next year they acquired the Ripley location also.

The first portable concrete plant was purchased in 2007 and set up in Memphis for the Nike project.
In 2008 they added another location in Piperton.

51 Concrete, LLC and many friends and family suffered the loss of Jim K. “Peahead” Scott in November 2009. Jim and Barry were long time friends and business partners for over 19 years. Many friendships were formed over the years with employees, customers, and vendors. Jim was known for his silly sense of humor, but also his generosity and loving concern for others. He has truly been missed and will be for years to come.

In 2010 51 Concrete, LLC also purchased another
location in Memphis and then went on to add two more portable concrete plants. One of these is located in Pikeville, TN on the Bledsoe County Prison. The other one is located in Cleveland, TN on the Whirlpool Project.  51 Concrete, LLC currently has over 20 dump and cement trucks, and over 60 concrete trucks.  There are currently nine locations with portables available. Over the years their septic tank business has grown as well. 51 Concrete, LLC manufactures the septic tanks and delivers in the West Tennessee areas.

In 2012, 51 Concrete, LLC with much thought and consideration sold the concrete portion of their business.  He started another adventure, one he had many years ago, a river port facility.  He started a new company Mid South Construction Materials, LLC.  Mid South Construction Materials, LLC has a river port facility located at Mississippi Mile Marker 768 LM.  At this facility, they offload, load, store material such as rock, riprap, gabion, salt, sugar, lime, and other commodities.  Mid South Construction Materials, LLC has access to over 20 dump trucks and tractor trailers to deliver any type of material.