Accounting Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  How do I obtain a quote for a project?
A.  Select from our Fast Estimator Calculators if you feel comfortable with the specifications of the job and measurements!  There are five different calculators designed for 5 totally different jobs or approaches to a project.  If you do not feel comfortable in any way using the Calculators, simply call the main number 901-840-4235 and a person will walk you through your specs or an agent of the company will be assigned to come out and get the measurements for the job and give you a written quote.

Q. Does 51 Concrete take payments by credit card and what type of cards does 51 Concrete accept?
A. All Major cards are accepted at 51 Concrete:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover!  The vast majority of Credit Card payments are quickly accepted over the phone and charged accordingly!  The Main Office also accepts  Credit Card Payments in person.

Q. What is the usual length of time for credit approval?
A. Normally it takes two to three days depending on how complete the application is filled out and how soon the credit references get back to 51 Concrete.

Q. Where do I send my payment?
A. Please send your payment to the Remit to address on your invoice or statement, which is 51 Concrete’s Main Office Address: 8440 Hwy 51, S, Suite A;  Brighton, TN  38011.

Q. Is it important to pay by invoice or statement?
A. It is very helpful if you apply your check to specific invoice numbers or statement information!  If no instructions accompany the check, it is applied to the oldest outstanding invoice. Paying without direction definitely whittles away at the balance, but paying by invoice or statement information direction is helpful to you and us and keeps future statements cleaner from confusion.

Q. Can I view my statement or current invoices online?
A. Yes, you can contact the Main Office by phone or email to receive a customer name and password!  This will enable you to go online and look at your current orders that have been delivered and invoiced!  Billing is posted weekly at 12:00 noon Thursday!

Concrete FAQ’s

Q. Is Cement and Concrete basically the same?
A. Although used interchangeably by many they are not the same.  Cement is the “glue” that holds the concrete together!  Concrete is the hardened mortar, blocks, highway or building sub-structure that is made from cement mixed with various aggregates.

Q. Why is concrete often referred to as Portland Cement?
A. Because it originally was invented in Isle of Portland, England.  Portland cement was developed from natural cements made in Britain in the early part of the nineteenth century, and its name is derived from its similarity to Portland stone, a type of building stone that was quarried on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, England.